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Here you’ll find my ramblings about Web Strategy, Digital Experience Platforms (DXP), Web Development, Marketing Technology, Team Management, Leadership, and a little bit about my life.

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Also impressive is the constant and continued enthusiasm Mayank brings to his work and workplace, – I have seldom seen someone so consistently go the extra mile and doing so with a smile and swing in his step.

~ Nik Crosina

I usually introduce him to my colleagues and friends as someone who has answers to all my questions that Google doesn’t. With Mayank, it’s that feeling where you know someone is always there to get everything back on track, you just need to mention it to him!

~ Satyam Gambhir

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  • OS war is truly over!

    OS war is truly over!

    Back in the Reviewsauarus days, I wrote a blog post, which became popular thanks to Digg (anyone remembers it?). The post was about Windows Vs Linux and in it, I had to defend Windows even though it was the most popular desktop OS at the time with more than 98% market share. At the time,…

  • Evolve Drupal 2024 -ATL

    Evolve Drupal 2024 -ATL

    A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Evolve Drupal Atlanta event. It was a long but fun and educational day! #EvolveDrupal. Whether it was meeting Karim Marucchi or listening to his talk about DXPs or meeting Maya Schaeffer, Ankrish Khanna, Suzanne Dergacheva, Alex Dergachev and the rest of the Evolving…

  • Wardley Mapping – Business strategy made easy

    Wardley Mapping – Business strategy made easy

    The world of business strategy got a lot more interesting when Simon Wardley decided to share the mapping technique through his book – Wardley Maps. Simon was kind enough to release this book for free and I’d highly recommend reading it. What are Wardley Maps? Wardley Maps, is a strategic thinking and communication tool used…

  • HestiaCP backups saves the day!

    HestiaCP backups saves the day!

    A couple of days ago, I was exploring a few things on my VPS only to realize that while installing or removing any package from Ubuntu distro – I was presented with this error – “sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)”. And like any part time sysadmin I decided to Google the solution and…

  • Guide: setting up remote backup on hestia

    Guide: setting up remote backup on hestia

    To setup remote backups on Hestia CP, here’s what you need to do. 2. Go to Configure 3. Expand Backups and then select Remote Backup. Hestia offers FTP, SFTP, Backblaze, Rclone as options. And since it offers Rclone – I guess pretty much all popular backup options are at your fingertips! Although, I prefer direct…

  • How to make self-hosted WordPress fast and secure

    How to make self-hosted WordPress fast and secure

    Let’s be honest, running a self-hosted WordPress site in today’s world is no easy job and can be quite expensive or time consuming. In fact, those who know me would be able to tell that I wouldn’t look beyond WordPress but the hassle of managing the site made me explore various static site generators –…

  • Blocker for Ad-blockers?

    Blocker for Ad-blockers?

    #Ad-blockers have become vital for safe and privacy focused browsing. While there are ad-networks who follow good code of conduct and would only approve ads that don’t insert malicious scripts or track the users heavily, there are a lot of ad-networks who couldn’t care less as they are trying to make money. I’ve been a…

  • Obsessed with Obsidian and Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)

    Obsessed with Obsidian and Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)

    Table of contents What’s Personal Knowledge Management? Tools that I’ve used in the past to organize knowledge & myself Enter Obsidian Obsidian community plugins that you should install & learn Highly recommended resources for Obsidian One of my struggles has been that I’m not an organized person and even though I spent a whole lot…

  • Twitter, power of #ProductHabits and product as public utility!

    #Twitter created a public utility (the blue checkmark) – it’s fascinating how much private companies can control if their product becomes a public utility. And after Musk’s takeover that public utility has been killed, people are whining like babies whose toy has been snatched. One could say, there was a world without twitter, there was…