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  • Blocker for Ad-blockers?

    Blocker for Ad-blockers?

    #Ad-blockers have become vital for safe and privacy focused browsing. While there are ad-networks who follow good code of conduct and would only approve ads that don’t insert malicious scripts or track the users heavily, there are a lot of ad-networks who couldn’t care less as they are trying to make money. I’ve been a…

  • Twitter, power of #ProductHabits and product as public utility!

    #Twitter created a public utility (the blue checkmark) – it’s fascinating how much private companies can control if their product becomes a public utility. And after Musk’s takeover that public utility has been killed, people are whining like babies whose toy has been snatched. One could say, there was a world without twitter, there was…

  • Finally, I’m off Verizon’s clutch! $1,000 Saved!

    Finally, I’m off Verizon’s clutch! $1,000 Saved!

    For some stupid personal reasons, I was on Verizon all these years (Six years) while always feeling the pinch that I’m paying too much for a mobile phone service. $120/month for two lines (not an unlimited data plan either) – which comes to $1440/year. A couple of years ago, there was even a failed attempt…

  • #Martech Leaders

    Are you a #Martech leader who gives a presentation with slides that have more graphs from Scott Brinker‘s than your own content? I’d say you are still underestimating yourself, you’re a relationship champion! You can start calling yourself Martech & Relationship leader!