Finally, I’m off Verizon’s clutch! $1,000 Saved!

For some stupid personal reasons, I was on Verizon all these years (Six years) while always feeling the pinch that I’m paying too much for a mobile phone service. $120/month for two lines (not an unlimited data plan either) – which comes to $1440/year.

A couple of years ago, there was even a failed attempt to move away from Verizon thinking that Google Fi would be my savior, only to realize that it would’ve been a big mistake – the voice quality was so bad that I decided to stick with Verizon in less than 1 day.

However, this time my resolve to move away from Verizon was higher than my last attempt – so without giving myself any option, I went with Spectrum Mobile, which is giving me two phone lines for $30/month for 1 year – which comes to $360/year and even after one-year promotional offer will be over, it’ll be $720/year for both the lines.

That’s a phenomenal $1,080/year of #savings for the first year, plus I get the following benefits –

  1. Unlimited data*
  2. Free calls to Canada.
  3. International plan included, with affordable rates while international roaming is on.

The phone call quality is satisfactory, and I didn’t feel any difference – so if you’re wasting your money with Verizon, then I’ll highly recommend moving away from it and looking into various other services like – Spectrum, Mint etc.

Photo Credit: Dall-E