Hi, I’m Mayank Gupta.

Here you’ll find my ramblings about Web Strategy, Digital Experience Platforms (DXP), Web Development, Marketing Technology, Team Management, Leadership, and a little bit about my life.

What people are saying

Also impressive is the constant and continued enthusiasm Mayank brings to his work and workplace, – I have seldom seen someone so consistently go the extra mile and doing so with a smile and swing in his step.

~ Nik Crosina

I usually introduce him to my colleagues and friends as someone who has answers to all my questions that Google doesn’t. With Mayank, it’s that feeling where you know someone is always there to get everything back on track, you just need to mention it to him!

~ Satyam Gambhir

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  • Finally, I’m off Verizon’s clutch! $1,000 Saved!

    Finally, I’m off Verizon’s clutch! $1,000 Saved!

    For some stupid personal reasons, I was on Verizon all these years (Six years) while always feeling the pinch that I’m paying too much for a mobile phone service. $120/month for two lines (not an unlimited data plan either) – which comes to $1440/year. A couple of years ago, there was even a failed attempt…

  • #Martech Leaders

    Are you a #Martech leader who gives a presentation with slides that have more graphs from Scott Brinker‘s chiefmartec.com than your own content? I’d say you are still underestimating yourself, you’re a relationship champion! You can start calling yourself Martech & Relationship leader!

  • Hello NYC!

    Hello NYC!

    After staying 6 years in the US, I finally got a chance to go to the famous/infamous New York City. Sounds crazy but yes, this was my first trip to NYC. It was supposed to be a one-day business trip, but I took the opportunity and extended it into a personal trip as well. This…