Why isn’t there any WordPress Certified Developer/Development Exam?

7 Years in WordPress development teaches you a lot of things about WP & its working. However, what’s the way to prove it that one know more than every other random person out there, who claims to know WordPress & titles themselves as Expert or Guru? The sad part is none.

When almost every other organization like Adobe, Microsoft, Cisco, RedHat, SalesForce, Apple etc. offers a certification or an official course, I see Automattic or WordPress foundation are not taking any step towards the same, when it comes to certifying developers as WordPress certified developers. Coming to web platforms, Magento has it’s own certification program however similar to WordPress, Drupal doesn’t, for which Dries (Founder of Acquia & Project lead of Drupal) has given some reasons as to why he wouldn’t want Acquia to come up with its own Drupal’s certification either. Probably, Matt also shares similar thoughts or has his own views towards this subject.

At 10th anniversary of WordPress, Automattic & WordPress foundation happily announced that the WordPress is currently powering close to 18.9% of the web. This number proves that there is a huge economy in WordPress community and more jobs are opening up for WordPress developers. Unfortunately, there is no way to confirm if the “so called WordPress expert” is a real expert or someone who has just played around with WordPress for a month, installed it locally about 10 times or someone who truly makes a living out of it & doing every bit to enhance their skills as a WordPress Developer.

In my experience, I’ve worked with companies directly who need some WordPress solution, digital agencies who have outsourced work to me, developers who are stuck with something, freelancers who are suffering because they bought a theme from ThemeForest. Majority of them are suffering because of poor or lack of “WordPress coding standards“. I see “expert” theme companies making blunders while developing themes in which they happily include different versions of jQuery more than twice in front-end.

For these reasons, I see companies spending more money on support rather than the development of the whole solution. Isn’t that a reason enough to come up with a certification to help differentiate the good developers with the bad ones? Isn’t there a need to give organizations a chance to breathe easy when it comes to hiring WordPress developers? Hopefully, we’ll have some sort of certification in near future, till then I wish companies good luck in finding great talent out of the plethora of “WordPress Experts“!

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