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Rebuilding my site with Astro CMS instead of WordPress

October 15, 2022 | 11:00 AM

Those who know me, know that majority of my life revolves around WordPress. Whether it’s talking about it, evangelizing it, bringing new developers to the eco-system and finally after 15+ years even contributing to it’s core. This post explains why I decided to ditch WordPress and use Astro CMS instead for this website.

Cost of WordPress

WordPress is free and open-source and yet there is a cost of running a website:

While these are mostly true for any website, any CMS, in recent years the popularity of WordPress has been working against it. Much like how every virus was made for Windows, it seems every hacker is trying to attack vulnerable WordPress sites and to ensure that your site doesn’t get hacked, there is some work involved to ensure that doesn’t happen. And still you won’t feel confident about it being secure.

Some (including me) will argue, that one can use various SaaS tools like Sucuri, Malcare or various plugins to get the peace of mind, but it does with a cost.

My Journey as Developer

Another reason that I gave myself to start a site on Astro site was to ensure that I force myself into using code editor more!

Some other reasons

Have I given up on WordPress?

No, Never! I’ve not given up on WordPress at all as a matter of fact, I’ll be diving more as I become a better contributor. I’ll continue to suggest developers, businesses to continue using WordPress for their solutions/ It’s the best CMS out there!