MK_BackgroundAbout Mani Karthik

Mani Karthik has been a blogger, marketer since 2005. On his blog, he shares everything that he learns about life – from food, to spirituality and finance. About 500,000 people visit his blogs every month.

The Problem

Mani approached with the issue that his sites were loading much slower considering that he was using practically simplest designs possible. He was using Bluehost for hosting 3 of his sites and they all were taking between 4-7 seconds to load each page!

The Solution

After careful discussion, it was figured that we need to move the hosting to a virtual private server (VPS) solution to avoid high fees of managed WordPress hosting with better control over server infrastructure.

  • Configured & optimized Digital Ocean server.
  • Installed Redis Cache & configured with WordPress
  • Optimized page load times
  • Enabled Cloudflare & configured for optimum performance.
  • Enabled HTTPS over domains

The Result

Speed Optimization of WordPress Blog


Speed Optimization of Daily SEO Blog



  • Super fast page load times – Pingdom Tools shows pages loading in less than 1 second!
  • Fast loading WordPress backend
  • Less resource usage on server

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