GiftWorkz, part of  Brandworkz A / S, Denmark.


A complete custom gift management solution which allows GiftWorkz to

  • Ability to generate coupons in bulk that are specifically associated to a particular client.
  • Allow employees of GiftWorkz’ clients to choose a gift while making the payment through not real currency but just a coupon that will be issued by Giftworkz to its clients.
  • Ability to manage stock of the gifts
  • Integration of a Denmark based shipping service “GLS Group“.
  • Reports and graphs of all the transactions.


A corporate gift management solution powered by WordPress & WooCommerce.

  • Developed custom WooCommerce plugin to generate coupons in bulk that can be associated with each client.
  • Modified payment method to accept payment as a “valid coupon” rather than actual currency.
  • Customized & integrated GLS Group’s shipping service using a plugin.
  • Created branded e-mail templates for WooCommerce for various stages (like new order emails, confirmation emails etc)


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